James Bay Islands Bird Survey

South shore of Trodely Island

Red Knot (Photo Jim Richards)Welcome to the James Bay Islands Bird Survey (JBIBS). This survey is a long-term study of the birdlife of the James Bay islands. Most of the islands in this remote region have never been visited by ornithologists and only brief visits have been made to the larger islands. Though James Bay is flanked by Ontario and Quebec, its waters and islands are under the jurisdiction of the new territory of
Nunavut. Despite recent regional interest in hydroelectric projects, diamond mining, and other extractive industries in both Quebec and Ontario, little research has been done on James Bay's islands and waters. The JBIBS should significantly add to the baseline data on the bay's birdlife.

Hawk OwlThese on-going low-impact avifaunal surveys document the distribution and abundance of the breeding and migratory birds of the islands and waters of James Bay. Other life-forms, such as mammals, reptiles, amphibians, and butterflies, are also being recorded. The project should yield valuable information on numbers and movements of shorebirds, waterfowl, and songbirds, as well as larger mammals such as beluga whales, seals, and polar bears. Expeditions to the islands are being undertaken during the May-September period, with an emphasis on the breeding season (June-July). To date, approximately 209 species of birds have been recorded from the Bay Islands. Confirmed breeders total 71 species with a further 67 species suspected but yet-to-be-confirmed as breeders.

Semipalmated Plover (Photo Jim Richards) The Expeditions, so far...

1992: Charlton Island

1993: Trodely Island

1995: Southeast James Bay (14 islands)

1997: Northeast James Bay (15 islands)

2002: Akimiski Island

 2006: Chisasibi to Richmond Gulf, Hudson Bay  


Where is James Bay?

Canada Map James Bay is a lobe on the southeast corner of Hudson Bay.

It's also the southernmost extension of the Arctic Ocean in Canada.

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Camp on Miship Island

Checklist of the Birds of the Waters and Islands of James Bay and southern Hudson Bay





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Cree Names for Birds

Arctic Tern (Photo Jim Richards)


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I'd love to hear your comments, questions, and suggestions for improvement, and of course, your bird records from the region. Please e-mail me (Rob Tymstra) at birdman@ebtech.net.


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